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New business rescue legislation

Corporate Renewal Solutions has been closely involved with submissions of the Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa regarding new business rescue legislation and business rescue regulations.

Turnaround experience

CRS has since 1999 been actively involved in turnarounds in the informal sector (see CRS Turnaround Management). 

Our capabilities in turnaround is highly transferable to rescuing financially distressed companies in terms of new business rescue legislation.

King III

Jan van der Walt, CEO of CRS, as a member of the Business Rescue Subcommittee of the King III Commission on Governance, made a substantial contribution towards the business rescue provisions in the following publications:

His doctoral research is used to populate the sections on business rescue and business rescue legislation.

Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal Book - a South African Perspective - Edited by Neil Harvey

Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal

Corporate Renewal Solutions (CRS) is proud to have sponsored 50% of the final editing cost of this prestigious book.

Ntombi Langa-Royds, chair of CRS, contributed the chapter "Human Resources Leadership in a Turnaround".

Jan van der Walt, CEO of CRS, contributed the following four chapters:

"The Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa (TMA-SA)".

"Turnaround Situations".

"Operational Aspects of a Turnaround".

"A Turnaround Practitioner's View on New Business Rescue Legislation".

Obtain more information about this book and where to purchase it, see Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal.

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