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Welcome to the web site of Corporate Renewal Solutions that deals with the turnaround of financially distressed companies in terms of business rescue legislation as contained in Chapter 6 of the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008, amended by the Companies Amendment Act No. 3 of 2011, amplified by business rescue regulations as contained in the Companies Regulations, 2011, and reviewed in the King III business rescue recommendations.

For detail about the current implementation status of new legislation and regulations, see business rescue in South Africa.

In 1926 South Africa was the first country after the USA to have introduced business rescue legislation. Judicial management, however, proved to be ineffective and on 1 May 2011 was replaced with the business rescue provisions in Chapter 6 of the new company legislation.

Chapter 6 business rescue legislation represents a codification of the turnaround procedures followed in workout in the informal sector, but is designed to overcome a number of practical problems faced by workout, and to protect the interests of all stakeholders.  It comes with its own problems though, and financially distressed companies will always have to make the choice between informal turnaround (workout) and Chapter 6 turnaround (business rescue) based on the specific circumstances they face.

For more information, see business rescue versus workout.

That notwithstanding, new business rescue legislation implemented on 1 May 2011 represents an important new era in the South African turnaround industry with the potential of saving many more financially distressed but economically viable companies from liquidation.

Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal

Corporate Renewal Solutions (CRS) is proud to have sponsored 50% of the final editing cost of this prestigious book.

Ntombi Langa-Royds, chair of CRS, contributed the chapter "Human Resources Leadership in a Turnaround".

Jan van der Walt, CEO of CRS, contributed the following four chapters:

"The Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa (TMA-SA)".

"Turnaround Situations".

"Operational Aspects of a Turnaround".

"A Turnaround Practitioner's View on New Business Rescue Legislation".

To obtain more information about this book and where to purchase it, see Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal.






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News flashes

Status of business rescue implementation in South Africa

CIPC is registering business rescue practitioners on an interim license basis where a company in business rescue identifies the practitioner by name. For more information, see Business rescue implementation and operational status in South Africa.

How to register as a business rescue practitioner/how to commence with business rescue and have a registered business rescue practitioner on board

See The official CIPC business rescue practitioner registration application process for interim licensed business rescue practitioners.

Business rescue and turnaround master classes

Those interested in attending our Business Rescue and Turnaround Management Masterclasses should please email Jan van der Walt at for purposes of a provisional attendance list.

Substantive drop in May liquidations statistics

Did new business rescue legislation implemented on 1 May 2011 flowed impacted on the decreased liquidations statistics in the first month?

For more information, see Liquidations statistics.


Jan van der Walt

Jan van der Walt, CEO of Corporate Renewal Solutions, presents his take on new business rescue legislation and turnaround.


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10 July 2011

Quoted in Sunday Times:

27 May 2011

Launch of Neil Harvey's book Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal: A South African Perspective.

Chapters contributed by Jan van der Walt:

  • "The Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa (TMA-SA)"
  • "Turnaround Situations".
  • "Operational Aspects of a Turnaround".
  • "A Turnaround Practitioner's View on New Business Rescue Legislation".

26 May 2011

Managing a Turnaround and Corporate Renewal

Venue:Wits Business School, 2 St. David's Place, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2183

Brochure: Managing A Turnaround And Corporate Renewal 2011

"A Turnaround Practitioner's View on New Business Rescue Legislation"

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